The eHealth4U ecosystem consists of two layers: ​

  • Internal Governmental network:

     It can be only accessed by authorized and accredited personnel being responsible for the development, maintenance and monitoring of the eHealth4U platform.​

  • Public network:

      It can be accessed by the eHealth4U EHR Portal and other third-party systems.​

The internal governmental network comprises of several services such as the KAFKA service, the Postgress database and others. It is responsible for implementing security mechanisms and citizen data management and manipulation processes, including storage. To facilitate communication with 3rd Party Systems Providers, it exposes an interoperability layer (denoted with green colour in Fig. 1). ​

The eHealth4U Portal is a typical example of a third-party service provider residing in the public network that uses the interoperability layer to access and perform a set of operations on a citizen’s EHR. ​

Fig. 1: The eHealth4U software architecture diagram.