• Design the system architecture, specify the requirements in terms of clinical content as well as the hardware infrastructure. ​
  • Implement European and national legislation with respect to privacy and security that govern sensitive medical data manipulation.  ​
  • Create a thorough EHR system which meets all the legislative obligations at a national level defined in the Electronic Health Law of Cyprus (eHealth law of Cyprus) and at a European level using the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). ​
  • Build an EHR which despite the abundance of medical information that can appropriately and concurrently be utilized by administrative and financial services without distracting medical personnel from their focus on patient care. ​
  • Design a Patient-Centred eHealth platform & Reference Architecture.​
  • Design and implement an early eHealth adopters program in Cyprus Healthcare and adopt an effective change management strategy for a successful adoption of a universal EHR.​
  • Exploit the sustainability of the eHealth4U Integrated Platform and Services.​