Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA), is the main integrated telecommunications company in Cyprus and the leading brand in customer experience. CYTA is a service provider of the whole spectrum of electronic communication products, ranging from fixed and mobile communications, to internet service provision, digital applications, and cloud-based storage and service host.

By taking timely advantage of technological developments and the convergence of telecommunications and IT, CYTA pioneered a broad range of innovative services and ICT solutions.

At an international level, Cyta’s resilient connectivity supports the case of mapping Cyprus as the telecommunications hub of the Eastern Mediterranean. And this has been the key in highlighting Cyprus as a prominent business and professional services center.

CYTA stayed ahead of competition, maintaining dominant market shares, with proactive customer orientation and value-adding features that other players cannot match. Foremost though, CYTA enjoys the widespread trust of the Cyprus society, winning perceptions which reflect on consumer decision making, featuring CYTA as the most reliable business in Cyprus. In this respect, CYTA will capitalize on its customer driven approach and the long-term relations with its customers and promote the new service through multiple channels from which the customer can choose from: Cytashops situated in the main commercial areas, Call Center, technology resellers with exclusive dealership with CYTA, Social media and online shop. Promotion capabilities will be empowered and enhanced by the impact created through effective communication and advertising of the new service.

The role in this project:

The main role of CYTA in the proposed project is to host the eHealth4U platform and to provide the necessary requirements for data security / confidentiality, integrity and data availability.

CYTA’s participation in key to the viability and sustainable economic growth of the eHealth4U platform and medical services. As described above, eHealth4U project will benefit from unparalleled communications channels advertising the eHealth4U services to the better percentage of Cyprus’ population, technology resellers and call centers in support of the eHealth4U services, secure and reliable hosting including physical security and redundant hosting sites reinforced by external security audits, and business plan development experience. The combination of the above-mentioned capacities brought on by CYTA will expedite the commercialization and secure the uptaje of eHealth4U platform medical services.


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