GNOMON Pliroforiki (Cyprus) LTD


GNOMON Pliroforiki (Cyprus) LTD, was founded in 2009 in Cyprus as an associated company of Gnomon Informatics S.A. in Greece who owns the 90% of Gnomon Pliroforiki (Cyprus) LTD. Gnomon provides services for the design and development of innovative and reliable enterprise grade software systems. Gnomon main line of expertise is on Interoperability and scalable Cloud Computing architectures and focus areas are eHealth, eProcurement, and bespoke software development of internet enabled applications.

Gnomon successfully concluded two European Space Agency projects as a main contractor. Gnomon is an active member of the openNCP Community with participation in many components development (configuration manager, audit manager, cda display tools, NCP B Portal layer, etc.).

Gnomon implemented the Greek ePrescription pharmacies interoperability framework, providing RFC 2104 compliance solution for safe connection to APIs, which managed a 98% of the traffic. On the EU level, Gnomon has undertaken bespoke development and consulting tasks for several eHealth agencies and organisations such as ENISA, Agence eSante Luxembourg, Malta Information Agency, Austrian Ministry of Health, Swedish Association of Local Authorities, Abrumet, etc. eHealthPass product line is the first eHealth interoperability solution to comply with the Trillium Bridge EU-US gateway specification. Moreover, Gnomon is the unique Greek SME participating in phase 3 of the DECIPHER PCP, building an mHealth implementation to convey medical information from the patient to backend EHR/PHR.

Recently, Gnomon was contracted by ENISA to prepare EU recommendations on the implementation of the NIS Directive. Finally, Gnomon participates in EU projects VICINTY and ACTIVAGE, integrating internet of things ecosystems in the eHealth domain.

The role in this project:

Gnomon will be responsible for all tasks that are related to the implementation and testing of the required interoperability components. Gnomon will reuse and extend components from its eHealthPass Interoperability Suite for the development and configuration of the interoperability framework for the eHealth4U platform. Gnomon team will also contribute to the technical management of the consortium, participate in the dissemination activities and support the pilot sites of the project.

Products & Publications: Please refer to Gnomon CVs