Health Insurance Organisation


The Health Insurance Organisation (HIO) is the one of the main policy makers in healthcare, providing health insurance services. HIO was set up as a public legal entity under Law N.89(I)/2001. Its Board of Directors have trilateral representation (Government, Employers’, and Employees’ Unions) and its mission is the implementation of a National Health System in Cyprus.

The main responsibilities of the HIO are to (a) administer the Fund established for financing the National Health System, (b) make the required arrangements to obtain affordable healthcare to all beneficiaries, (c) coordinate and ensure the provision of high quality healthcare services by the contracted healthcare providers, and (d) collect, analyze and report data relating to the provision of the healthcare services at a national level.

The HIO employs 49 people and is expected to grow to 113 persons over the next couple of years as it is gearing to introduce the national health system in Cyprus. The HIO aims to commence implementation of the HIO IT System in the second quarter of 2017 (provision of systems and services based on open tender).

The role in this project:

The HIO will be the host partner for testing the integrating platform using their systems. The HIO will support the eHealth4U platform by lending their experience in all tasks pertaining to data privacy and the organizational framework, for designing and testing but also for the evaluation of the final eHealth4U services.


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