HIPPOCRATEON Private Hospital


HIPPOCRATEON Private Hospital was established in 1987, with the founding vision of ‘Putting patients first’. The hospital is staffed by 26 leading doctors who cover a wide range of specialties and employs a dedicated team of 80 highly trained medical professionals. Also, the hospital has 44 beds and serves around 3.000 patients annually. It operates with excellent facilities and is equipped with the latest software and hardware equipment in medical technology, to ensure the highest standard of care for all patients.

The Hospital has recently entered into an agreement with the University of Nicosia for the training of the University’s medical students as well as with the European University of Cyprus for its clinical dietitian students. Moreover, the hospital has been collaborating with Fileminders over the past years for the digital storage of its medical records.

The role in this project:

HIPPOCRATEON will have active roles in all WPs of the project. Specifically, the most contribution of HIPPOCRATEON will focus on the Early Adopters Program and Service Provision Evaluation tasks.


Please refer to http://www.hippocrateon.com/