International Institute for Compassionate Care


International Institute for Compassionate Care (IICC) was established in Jan. 2016, with the mission to promote and cultivate compassionate, patient-centered care that is responsive to the individual patient’s needs by adopting a multi-disciplinary approach, combining medicine and social sciences.

IICC has highly profiled members consist of 20 Academics and 4 young scientist associates, 10 members of the scientific committee and 5 BoDs. IICC aims are to: a) Promote networking between individuals and Healthcare Organizations, Academic Institutions, Patient Associations etc., b) Foster compassionate-care education across the whole continuum of education (primary, secondary, tertiary), c) Develop thought-leadership via position papers relating to the role, effect and impact of compassionate patient-centered care on healthcare organizations, health insurances, health systems, healthcare providers and patients, and d) Enhance and promote research activities in the areas of empathic, patient-centred care, therapeutic relationships, etc.. Prof George Samoutis, Prof Christos Lionis, and Prof David Haslam (chairman of NICE UK) shall be leading the IICC work and First and Early Adopters’ Program in WP6.

The role in this project:

The clinical team of the IICC will be able to tightly collaborate with the rest of partners as well as the Cyprus healthcare providers in order to successfully deploy the electronic health record system at the early adopter’s premises.


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