Ministry of health

The role in this project:

The Ministry of Health (MOH), will participate in the project with a double role. Firstly, as the policy maker for health matters in Cyprus that will ascertain that the activities of the project are in line with the policies of the MOH. Furthermore, to revise and/ or update legislations if needed, guided by the EU Directives for facilitating interoperability and cross-border health care. The fact that the coordinator of the project Prof Schizas is also advisor to the Minister of Health and special advisor to the President of the Republic for eHealth and matters related to the national health system reform will secure a compliant to our policies implementation. The second role of the MOH is the participation as user by including at least three of its Clinics in the Fast and Early Adopters program. These clinics will be the Paediatrics Clinics of the LGH and NAM III in Nicosia, the Obstetrics and Gynaecology clinic at NAM III in Nicosia, and the Internal Medicine at the NGH. Lead: Prof A. Hadjipanayis.

The Ministry of health will have a supportive and consulting role to the project regarding the strategic policies of Cyprus for the healthcare sector. The Ministry will participate also in the project with at least three public clinics (Pediatrics, Gynecology, and Internal Medicine).


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