Deployment & Evaluation​

For the deployment and evaluation of eHealth4U a First and Early EHR Adopters Program (FEAP) in Cyprus healthcare will be designed and implemented. In this framework, clinical showcases will be developed, operated and supported analysing their corresponding evaluation. The clinical assessment findings will be communicated to the project’s software development group for platform improvement and fine tuning to cover the required functionality. ​

This action is of major importance for the successful deployment of the eHealth4U platform and services. The project team will undertake every effort to deploy the eHealth4U services to citizens more widely in the last six months of the project. A minimum number of 1000 patients currently receiving treatment at both private and public hospitals that are members of the consortium, including the Cyprus State Health Services Organization (SHSO), will be targeted to use the EHR. Feedback from end-users shall be received periodically via focus groups and relevant surveys. This will give the opportunity to the team to improve the eHealth4U platform and services as well as to better exploit and disseminate the outcomes of the project. ​